Materials from PINO Network events


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legal coaching, april 2018

Instructor Mr. Antti Palmujoki, Attorney-at-law, professor from BLF Attorneys Ltd.     went through the basics of international trade and the most important types of contracts, typical problem situations and their solutions.



Product development , march 2018 


On March PINO Network Business Clinic topic was Product development- from concept to marketsOn the workshop we went through co-creation methods, tools and practices in the international context.Here are the links for the materials from Pino Network March Business Clinic event:

Pauliina Hyrkäs: Co-creation model from perspective of the customer.

Minna Pikkarainen: Building and selling internationa collaboration 

Marika Iivari: Business Model or Modeling Business



UN Procurements, Terhi Kiviranta Rasmussen, Business Finland – JANUary 2018

Materials from Terhi Rasmussen presentation. Only in Finnish at the moment.