FinnOppi delivers an authentic Finnish educational travel experience

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FinnOppi from Oulu is awarded the fourth best company in Visit Finland´s Authentic Finnish Educational Travel product competition in the category “school camps for children and adolescents” . The top five companies of the three categories were announced in the educational workshop on the 6th of September in Helsinki.

FinnOppi was established in 2018. Their services mainly focus on organizing school camps for children and adolescents, sister-schools based cultural and educational exchange events, and professional trainings for teachers, principals and education administrators. In addition, they provide consultancy services for educational cooperation across borders and arrange educational events and official visits to China.

“We endeavor to deliver the authentic Finnish educational travel experience to our international customers.  Working together with the professional educators from different excavational institutions, we thoughtfully design and customize our program based on customer’s needs”, says  the founder and CEO Lin Yujin, better known as Yuki.

Cooperation with public learning institutions is important

“Cooperation is co-development and sustainability based. Public learning institutions have specific expertise in different educational fields and have gained a phenomenal reputation for its proficiency”, Yuki says.

This “know-how” attracts people to come to Oulu and to learn more about Finland education. On the same page, Finland public learning institutions and government promote Finland education to the world and look for more international cooperation and connections.

“We dedicate to offer our customers an authentic Finland experience in education, culture, nature, and travel adventure. To be able to develop and grow together with our local community and to see changes and impact of Finland education on our customers is truly an honor for FinnOppi”, Yuki says.

130 visitors from China in August

For example, in August FinnOppi received over 130 visitors from different cities of China, including students, teachers and principals. Students stayed with Finnish host families and participated in school activities together with their Finnish host students.

“They spent quality time together in classes and in everyday Finnish family life, exchanging different cultural experiences and perspectives with each other, learning about Finnish education, culture and enjoying the beautiful nature”, Yuki tells.

Chinese teachers and principals received professional trainings in the University of Oulu and visited different schools in Oulu area. They participated in different kinds of pedagogical workshops and learned about practical teaching and classroom management strategies. In addition, all the groups visited other travel destinations such as Rokua, Vuokatti, and Rovaniemi and joined many different indoor and outdoor activities which gave them very positive impression.

Finnoppi is a member of PINO Network.

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