Qridi is aiming at big growth in international markets


Qridi from Oulu is a good example for a company that has successfully entered international markets. They are already exporting to a few countries and reaching for more. Qridi is expanding their business from education sector to sports.

– Our expectations for growth are especially in international markets in next few years. Stable growth will continue also in domestic market, says CEO Toni Eskola.

Currently the market situation in Finland looks better than few years ago.

– Schools and municipalities know what they want, and they are ready to make purchase decisions, says pedagogical and customer director Henri Karjalainen.

Focus and dare to say “no”

According to Eskola and Karjalainen, in internationalization it is important to know and understand if the company is ready to global markets, what are the resources and what is the market situation.

Setting target countries is one of the biggest realization they have made.

– The world is full of opportunities, but it´s important to select few countries and say “no” or “not yet” to others. When you do that and focus properly on those countries, you start to understand their existing challenges and problems. That is how you can offer tailor-made solutions to solve the exact problems. We are really good at this, says Karjalainen.

Qridi is an evaluation and learning tool for teachers and students and it is also used in sports teams. Last August the company released a new version of their product. Eskola says it is a totally new product and user experiences have been positive. We want to develope product all the better based on the needs of the customers.

– Next, we will produce contents to our platform, which has proved to be good. Especially abroad schools and sports teams want to purchase the whole package, tells Karjalainen.