Niklas Ansamaa: I want to inspire millions of people

The founder and CEO of Nitomani School Niklas Ansamaa dreams big.

The founder and CEO of Nitomani School Niklas Ansamaa dreams big.

Niklas Ansamaa, 19, looks like every young man at his age. But not every young man is a CEO and a founder of a company making international business. His business Nitomani School gives programming workshops and teaches coding based on their learning platform.

– For example, we run one day workshops, that idea is to give participants an idea about programming and the possibilities of it.

Ansamaa founded his company two years ago and has now several employees. He got the idea of teaching programming over an internet-based platform while rehearsing at Rovio company. Before that, at the age of 14, he programmed a super famous Sienikirja app for smartphones, which has about ten thousand downloads so far.

Today Nitomani School is entering international markets in Jordan and Rwanda.

– The negotiations are going well. We’ve been teaching programming for local teachers in Rwanda, who are now teaching children and teenagers using our internet-based platform, tells Ansamaa.

He says there are “two big things coming soon” but he can’t reveal more. It is obvious he’s excited about them and promises we will hear the news when the time is right.

About internationalization Ansamaa says that he has noticed the world has changed.

– One big thing I have learned is that nowadays you can do everything via internet – also selling. We are now trying to accelerate selling via internet so that it wouldn’t be necessary to travel and be physically present anymore.

Persistence and courage are the keys to success, he says. With those features he’s ready to achieve his dream for the future:

– I want to help millions of people to succeed and inspire them!

In addition to work as a CEO Ansamaa exercises. He goes to the gym, cycles and trains jogging. He just ran his own record, 12 kilometers, and cycled 30 kilometers at the same day.

– It is important to exercise to stay healthy and keep up creativity.

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