Opportunity to participate in Amman Showroom piloting in Jordan


Business Finland organized a Team Finland visit to Jordan led by Elina Kalkku, Under-Secretary of State, Development Policy, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland in March 2019. The preliminary focus on the visit was on regional resilience related to Syrian crisis, but developing new partnerships and innovative approaches for improved crisis response and recovery were also on the agenda.

During the visit a possibility arose for Finnish companies to plan and construct a hub for Finnish Innovations and Services, an expo-type showroom in Jordan, where any Finnish company is welcome to join.

The purpose of this showroom piloting is to:

• show on location what kind of products and services are available from Finland

• attract different groups of local stakeholders to visit the premises and

• test how Finnish companies work together as consortium.

In this showroom there will be a display of solutions from different fields, such as housing, technology, cleantech, education, sustainable business, information technology and healthcare.

Markus Silfverberg from Block Solutions has promised to be the primus motor and the engine of this whole pilot.


The idea in practice is that the showroom will be open around the year. The showroom will be managed by a reliable local employee, and there will be quarterly active meetings between the Finns, companies from private and public sectors in Jordan and UN agencies. The total building area is located in a secured area, and is planned to be 100m2 in size, which means that there is sufficient inside space for permanent displaying of the products and services. The outdoor area is about 300m2.

The indicative cost per year / company is 3 500 € + onetime participation fee 5 000 €.
A minimum of 10 companies are needed for the pilot to be realized.


Please indicate your interest in participating in the Amman pilot by September 13.


Mr. Markus Silfverberg

Chairman of the Board, Block Solutions Oy

+358 40 900 4265


Dr Laith ALRahahleh

Project Coordinator, (PhD , Agriculture and Forestry)

Karelia University of Applied Sciences

+358 50 323 3336