Hohot Consulting is building a bridge between Finland and China


Hohot Consulting was established 2016 to build a co-operation bridge between Finland and China. The company is a coordinator and operator for business consulting services and marketing supporting. They also offer legal specialist services and operate in educational tourism.

For example, this summer Hohot Consulting brought 33 students and teachers from five high qualified universities from China to Finland, to study Nordic innovation and entrepreneurship. The visitors attended courses organized by AVP, Aalto university and had workshops in Oulu and visited Estonia and Sweden. They also had a great opportunity to interact Finnish people and explore cities, culture and companies.

“They definitely wanted to visit Nordic countries and Finland. They had heard about northern lights and Angry Birds, and for people at their twenties it is really interesting to experience new social environments”, says Xiaowen Xiong, the chairwoman of Hohot Consulting.

Medical tourism service is Hohot company´s most special service. It operates as a consultant between companies and patients and organizes trips for Chinese patients travelling for medical treatment in Finland. Hohot Consulting is a member of Finnish Medical Tourism Association (Suomen terveysmatkailu ry). The global market is enormous: Chinese people only, spend 3,5 billion dollars every year for healthcare abroad.

Connections, connections, connections

The company is largely connected both in China and Nordic countries with universities, tourist organisations, hospitals, healthcare providers, authorities and other connections important for their business.

Right connections are a key to successful business in China, Xiaowen Xiong says. “In order to succeed in Chinese markets you need to actively build your networks, make an effort and send a right message. Shortly, you need to meet right people in right places”, says Xiaowen Xiong.

Cultural differences may confuse

Many Finnish companies say it is difficult to operate in Chinese market. Xiaowen thinks one of the reasons for that is a Chinese culture.

“In Chinese culture it is rude to turn people down. For Chinese it is important to be very polite and they avoid saying “no”. It means that Chinese can say “okay, sounds good” but after that things are not proceeding. That confuses Finnish companies. If that happens, you need to dig deeper to find out what is wrong and how things could proceed.”

New partners are welcome

Hohot Consulting has a team of 16 members. They work both in Finland and in China. Xiaowen Xiong wishes that in five years, their company would be the first option as a consultant for those wishing to break into the China in Nordic countries. In educational tourism they want to expand beyond China. Of course, to achieve the targets they need more connections and companies to co-operate with.

“We are looking for more universities, educational institutes, travel partners, companies, healthcare providers to partner with. You are welcome to contact us. Together we can provide more and better solutions for our customers”, says Xiaowen Xiong.

Hohot Consulting is a member of PINO Network.