Towards responsible tourism and educational travel

A seminar called “Responsible tourism and success” was held in June in Oulu. The competent and inspiring keynote speakers from Finland and Norway were telling about the demand and development of responsible tourism.

For education export and educational travel, responsibility is crucial, especially now that the awareness of sustainable consumption has risen. Science and competence development are more and more connected to travelling. It is only natural to take an idea and practices of responsible tourism to educational travel. In a long term it will also define basic operations of education organisations.

Responsibility in tourism means for example respecting local manners and maintaining old traditions and traditional livelihoods. Egologic aspect is nowadays important: responsible tourists and operators save water and electricity, decrease waste and recycle and preserve environment.

It is obvious that sustainable tourism needs to be done in co-operation with travelers, operators and everyone working at travel business. Responsible operation saves energy and natural resources. It is also a competitive factor for companies and other operators at travelling business: tourists demand sustainability and they demand to have unforgettable experiences on their trips. That is possible to offer only by taking care of our nature and surroundings, so that in the future we still have beautiful, attractive destinations where to travel.

A seminar was a part of the project The steps towards responsible tourism (Vastuullisen matkailun portaat). The project is executed in cooperation of several universities of Finland, e.g. University of Oulu.

If you are interested in responsible tourism, you can join the International Centre for Responsible Tourism (ICRT) Finland network, which is an Affiliate Centre of the international network ICRT.