An opportunity to promote Finnish offerings in Jordan

PINO Network joins the Team Finland visit to Jordan on 25-28 March 2019 led by Ms Elina Kalkku, Under-Secretary of State, Development Policy, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. The visit is organized in cooperation with Karelia University of Applied Sciences' Finpetra project and the delegation has over 40 participants from Finland.

The value of UN procurement is 18 billion USD annually. For the innovative solutions that Finnish organizations often provide, it may be challenging to win competitive biddings. This is because the procurement typically has been specified according to state-of-the-art technologies. Offering something else, even better solutions, leads to disqualification due to not complying with the given specification. Consequently, it is beneficial to get in personal relationships and discussions with those working in the field who specify what is procured. The UN procurement functions serve these agencies and people working in the field and the procurement is made according to their needs.
Now, we have received a unique opportunity to discuss with UNDP and other UN representatives working for Syria crisis response and recovery in Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey and Egypt as well as NGOs and government representatives, and jointly develop new innovative solutions to meet their needs.

The visit is linked to the "Regional Resilience & Private Sector Innovation Workshop for Improved Crisis Response” workshop hosted by the UNDP Sub-Regional Response Facility for the Syria Crisis. By taking part in this visit, we are able to showcase PINO Network’s innovative work and get to know potential partners to co-create sustainable joint solutions for improved crisis response in Syria and Iraq, together with International Organizations, NGOs and the government in Jordan.

Alongside the workshop hosted by UNDP, the visit includes program in Amman with an opportunity for further business promotion with local stakeholders, including some key developing banks operating in Jordan.

There will be several events to promote Finnish offerings. If you have a specific product or solution to be showcased, please call or email directly to Sari Päivärinta: sari.paivarinta(a) or +358 40 590 0163.