Oulu University Teacher Training School visited Japan


Four people from the Oulu University Teacher Training School visited on October 4th-10th in Yokohama, Japan.

They attended a symposium on October 5th 2019 in the Yokohama National University, which is a partner school of Oulu University. The title of the Symposium was “Multiculturalism and diversity in education for future schools: the challenge for teacher training”.

One one the Oulu attendees was Senior Adviser Raimo Salo.

“At the Symposium we had a pleasure to give presentations about the Diversity in Finland and how Language Aware Education gives practical tools for teachers who have got multicultural students in their classes”, Salo says.

Japan is facing similar challenges as Finland in education due to the increasing migrant population. Teachers feel the need to use practical pedagogical support to educate all students. Language Aware Education provides concrete tools which can be used with all students in all school subjects.

During the visit the guests visited local elementary and high schools. In addition, they participated into lectures at the Yokohama National University and discussed with University staff members and students about the pedagogics. The Dean of the College of Education and her staff members welcomed visitors from Oulu to a meeting during which they exchanged views and ideas about the future collaboration.

“We are very pleased with the visit and thankful to our hosts about their kindness. We are happy to continue collaboration with our new colleagues”, Raimo Salo says.