Neurosonic´s unique technology increases well-being in schools


Neurosonic is an Oulu-based well tech company offering unique, high-end vibration devices that help for stress related issues such as sleeping disorders, poor recovery and for different kind of pains.

The company is now exporting to Europe, Russia and US. Conquering the world is carefully considered.

“Strategy for us is depending on the country we’re entering since this has a lot to do with that country’s habits and ways of doing business and everything around it. Most important thing for us is to find the right people to do business with from the country in which we’re entering”, says Katja Nyman, director of Marketing and Projects.

Neurosonic technology is based on sensory tissue stimulation with very low frequency. Technology is implemented into various furniture which are suitable for office, public space and home use such as mattresses, divans and special chairs.

In learning environments, they can offer help for the staff and students. For personnel Neurosonic works as for stress relief and for a better recovery from busy workdays.

Finding right partners is important

Selling tangible devices abroad needs a good strategy.

“At least for our company it is most important to find right people to be our partners in their country. People who know their own market and how to sell our products by following their own culture, network and also their legislation.”

The company is also doing marketing in collaboration.

“We are marketing as a collaboration with the partners selling Neurosonic in their own countries. We provide the material and they decide where to concentrate in their country”, Nyman reveals.

Their challenges of exporting are the same as most of internationalizing companies.

“The challenges are finding the right partners and to get information and understanding of other countries’ legislation, for example.”

Of course, the challenges are meant to be met and overcome. Their sales numbers are constantly growing, so the hard work has already started to pay off. The goal of the company´s future is clear:

“We’re the global leading brand in sleeping aids market as a drug-free option”, Nyman says.