Arctic Education Forum in Finland

Arctic education forum

Pino Network with it's co-operation partners welcome you to explore the Finnish education system, learning environment, top-notch companies and the purest nature and snowy landscape in December 2018!

Arctic Education Forum is especially tailored for education administrates to dive into the pedagogical matters of 21st century education, as well as getting to know the latest innovations and environment in the educational field. 

Last registration date:  11.11.2018.

Program and the registration to the Arctic Education Forum.


The #AEF2018 matchmaking event will be held on the 3rd of December in Oulu with the representatives of the companies and schools. Registration for this matchmaking event will open on September. 

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combine these three amazing events

AEF2018 in Oulu&Syöte NOV 30 - DEC 3 and SLUSH & XCITED DEC 4 - 5 in Helsinki, Finland

World’s leading startup event Slush in Helsinki has grown from a 300 person assembly to a world-renowned
event, now spreading globally. Slush brings together the leading actors of the global tech scene to Helsinki, the Capital of Finland, for something very special.

Join the main EdTech event of Slush 2018 Xcited

Join hundreds of EdTech-heads who share your passion! Professionals, entrepreneurs, investors and pioneers from all around the world meet at XcitED. 

Tickets to all of these events can be bought here.

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