"What is Educational Travel?

Educational travel is a natural part of Finnish education export.

Finland is known and noted for its learning system and modern curriculum, which have led to our country having a substantial status in the global PISA rankings. This success has attracted a new type of international traveller to Finland: One who travels here to learn about the Finnish education system.

Such travellers include education professionals; government and municipal education officials; education company representatives; principals and teachers; and even school children coming for an educational camp to try the Finnish education style for themselves. The interest is often focused on a specific strength identified as something that differentiates the Finnish system; such as phenomenal and experimen - tal learning, and utilising nature as a learning environment.

Visit Finland has published a guide book for Finnish public and private sector operating in education field to understand more deeply how educational travel differs from other type of travelling and how important the cooperation between those two sectors is.

The booklet "What is Educational Travel?" consists of market insight, case studies, key benefits and main risks, and it gives ingredients for a succesful education trip.

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