FinC Trade Platform - a full-service platform between Finland and China

FinC Trade Platform have built a full-service platform between Finland and China serving business, trade, match making/investment and cultural exchange. FinC have a company in Helsinki and a fully-owned subsidiary in Hangzhou, China in the Xiacheng New World Innovation and Cross-border Trade town.

FinC have great relationship to both public and private sectors in Finland and in China. Now they are in the process of opening a Finnish country pavilion in Hangzhou and planning a Finland technology centre with government support. They aim is to help connect Finland and China in a deeper way and foster business. 

FinC Trade Platform has opened a Finnish country stop pavilion showroom for Finnish products as well as cross-border web shop for easy access to Chinese markets. This platform is especially made for consumer products. More information

FinC is now looking for companies from Finland who are interested in operating in China, capturing the Chinese market, or taking in Chinese investment. One of the sectors in this call for companies is education. FinC will organize a match-making media event in November in Hangzhou with investors and government, and the application process will be done during the summer. Check the presentation and application instructions

Application material: fill your company info

More information about the FinC Trade Platform

Finnish country pavilion in Hangzhou