BLOG: "Curriculum 2026 - What should we learn next

Curriculum 2026- What should we learn next

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Blog byJUUSO NIEMINEN  He is an educational researcher and the curator of “Curriculum 2026”. Also, he’s very much one of those guys who do not want the present to narrow our view of the future. Juuso is always hoping for tomorrow to be a bit brighter - and a lot more inclusive!

Two years ago, in 2016, a new Finnish national curriculum was implemented in schools. And yet, we still tend to think about it as a ‘new’ reform. Two years might be a long period of time for a hectic person like me, but for our dear school system it is only a blink of an eye!

So, what kinds of elements were actually new in the curriculum? Just a quick reminder. The reform of 2016 introduced, for example, multidisciplinary learning modules and programming skills as part of our daily school life.

But here in Dare we always want to to see a bit further. We dare you to ask: What should Finland learn next? What comes after multidisciplinary learning and ICT skills? What are the next core skills to be emphasized?  

In September 2018 we are going to see the newest innovations in Finnish learning.

But do you know what is the best thing in curating this theme?


As a researcher and a teacher, I examine Finnish education from two different viewpoints. However, there is so much that I know very little about. I might bore you for hours mumbling about special education, and yet my knowledge about, say, language learning is very limited. Imagining the curriculum 2026 only by myself would be a complete disaster!

And that is why this theme needs you. Were you a teacher in elementary school or a researcher of higher education (or maybe a robot inventor!), come and join us in our attempt to form the guidelines for our next educational reform. Because that is truly a task that we could not complete without collaboration. I hope to see participants from all around the world!

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