PINO Network becomes an Associate Member of Education Finland

Education Finland is a national education export program, offering Finnish educational know-how and learning solutions globally. It's part of the Finnish National Agency for Education. Now PINO Network becomes an Associate Member of Education Finland!


Education Finland brings together players from all education levels, both public and first-class private companies.

Our joint aim is to help export education expertise, which comes in rich and varied forms, from teaching and learning products – technologies, programs, applications, digital learning suites and software, educational content and materials. And to services covering teacher training, pedagogical and vocational programs, as well as multi-functional solutions in the physical and digital learning environments.

Education Finland promotes deep and diverse cooperation amongst member organizations, linking us with international partners, and connecting to new opportunities for business and collaboration.

Education Finland provides it's members market research, insights and information to create opportunities and to identify potential clients. There’s strength in numbers! Together we can gain more influence as groups of companies, as opposed to acting individually.

The same applies to reducing export barriers. Profiting from Finpro’s global network, Education Finland is able to identify business leads and opportunities, evaluating the most promising markets for all member organizations, and the most favourable point in time to enter those markets. This minimizes the risks for us members.

Together Education Finland and PINO Netowork prepare Finnish companies for that all-important step to go international; vetting and refining business ideas before they are put to the real market test, honing and enhancing competences in pitching, and generally developing international business skills.

Together we act as sparring partners and coaches for our member companies, fine-tuning their trade offering.

Partnering – matching potential customers and member companies

Together we facilitate networking and cooperation, providing contacts with decision makers and influencers. This can be at the events we host, exhibiting under the Team Finland umbrella at major international fairs, or as part of delegations abroad, ideal for meeting the key individuals in client companies or markets.

We increase the visibility or our member companies by providing marketing and media channels and opportunities through our global network. Our aim is to increase the brand awareness of Finnish expertise and excellence in education.

We aim to build the brand of "Finnishness" and that of the Finnish education sector companies, invoking interest in Finnish capabilities, expertise and the Finnish education system also among foreign investors.

More information about Education Finland assoiate membership:

Jussi Haukkamaa, PINO Network Project Manager : jussi.haukkamaa(a)

or Dr. Lauri Tuomi, Program Director:  enquiries.educationfinland(a)

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