Education Finland & The Ministry of Foreign Affairs: what’s up

GLOHE-event in Helsinki 13.12.2018

Education Finland – what’s up:

The sales volume of the education export nationwide has been growing as expected and the forecast seems that 350 Million Euros turnover will be achieved by the end of the year. In the near future, by the 2024 the target is 1 Billion Euros!

There is demand all over the world for all levels’ Finnish education. That has brought along the demand for the validation services. Lauri Tuomi sais the validating process for the Finnish school concept will be completed in the near future. ( Read the: Stepping Up Finland’s Global Role in Education report of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland below the page)

The EF network is growing fast and all over Finland. Our own PINO Network was brought up as a vigorous example of a regional cooperation player that has been well acknowledged in Finland and abroad!

The Team Finland Knowledge experts have started their jobs this autumn in Washington, Singapore, Beijing and Buenos Aires. Greetings from the experts in action were passed at the event, and the main message was that Finnish expertise is very welcome, and the experts are there to help you!

The Team Finland Knowledge experts’ group will grow, as there will be new posts opening in Moscow, New Delhi and Pretoria in 2019. In addition, there are agent services launched for education cooperation both in Taiwan and Brasil.

For the approaching new year 2019 there are several events set already: 
On February 2nd the vision work will be launched.
In March there will be the Finnish education Day event in Kiev, Ukraine, and
in April the EF will head to Egypt and Tunisia arranging Doing Business with Finland event.
Later in the spring the direction will be Latin America.

Stay tuned for more information!

Stepping Up Finland’s Global Role in Education

The Foreign Ministry’s workshop on 13.12.2018 in Helsinki


The points of contact regarding development cooperation and education export require further attention, the work which has been initiated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Culture.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs organized a workshop regarding Finland’s role in the global education crisis. The work was based on the report by Ritva Reinikka et al. ”Stepping Up Finland’s Global Role in Education”. **The objective for Finland is to take a stronger position in the international development cooperation regarding education.

The participants were invited form several interest groups including public, private and the third sector. The ideas brainstormed at the event and further collected until the end of the year will be used in developing a common vision and action suggestions, to be presented by the Minister for Foreign Trade and Development and the Minister of Education in early February 2019.

**While important areas as such, this report does not cover university education (except when it links to teacher education), vocational education (except when it links to vocational teacher education), nor early childhood education. The focus is on basic and lower secondary education where the learning crisis is most acute.