Company projects and thesis workers available


In company projects, students from Oulu area universities create solutions to the challenges presented by the companies. In addition, also many of the master’s theses can be made as assignments for companies. 

Company projects and thesis OAMK (OUAS)

OAMK (OUAS) offers different kind of services for the companies and other organizations. We do wide and diverse co-operation with companies and communities. Together we develop the regional know-how, internationality and vitality.

We provide: *Trainees for national and international tasks * Project and Thesis workers * Innovation, training and consulting services* Development projects * Social and health field among with technology field laboratory services.
Additionally, it is possible to participate in development of our activities and education as a partner, advisory board member or lecturer to influence your expertise in an own industry.

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Palvelukoordinaattori Päivikki Kaakinen
Tel. +358 50 570 5974

Internship at University of Oulu

University of Oulu awards internship support for their own degree students’ work placements both in Finland and abroad. The support for internship in Finland total 1600 € is paid to the employer to compensate the expenses caused by organizing the internship period. The employer first pays the salary and at the end of the internship invoices the University support.

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Company projects and thesis and University of Oulu intership contact information

Intercultural Teacher Education
Jani Haapakoski phone +358 294483715
Education and Globalisation Program
Tiia Autio phone +358 294483710
Learning, Education and Technology Program
Essi Vuopala phone +358 294483666 
Business and Economics
Sauli Pajari phone +358 294482937
 ICT studies
Mikko Halttunen phone +358 294487304

DIAK - Diaconia University of Applied Sciences

Company thesis work and internship

The DIAK students in Oulu excel especially in Social Services and Health Care topics. They’re looking into various internship and thesis opportunities. Please contact: Paula Haapalainen , +358 40 501 6493
 Marja-Liisa Läksy,  +358 40 509 2663
Partnership opportunities with Diak and link to Jobiili -