Would you like to be part the GESS Dubai 2019?

The Gulfpoint team have been organizing the Finnish pavilions at local education fairs in the UAE in the past couple of years. We try to bring everyone together in a one-team spirit and lots of SISU involved.

We want to gage the interest in participating as part of a larger Finnish presence at GESS Dubai 2019 taking place the last 3 days of February. It is the leading education fair in the Gulf region and attracts the biggest number of regional visitors.

We have had very good traction on the Finnish stand in the past years. The UAE Minister of Education has always stopped by and this year HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid the Ruler of Dubai paid us a visit

HE Riitta Swan the Finnish Ambassador has been spending a long time on the pavilion to network and support the Finnish exhibitors.

If your organization is interested to join the Finnish pavilion in GESS Dubai 2019 please fill in this FORM as soon as possible. 

We are first trying to have an idea on the number of companies interested, so we can plan the pavilion/area and have an understanding of the cost based on that.

Our concept is always turn-key, you just show up with your brochures (we can print those as well), some extra chocolates, specific gear you need for exhibiting your own solutions and a smiling team!

Any questions? Contact :
Katia Al-Kaisi, katia@thegulfpoint.com , +971 55 1071775
Happy to talk/email/WhatsApp as well!

Gess Dubai 2018