Worlddidac Association participates in the Arctic Education Forum

“Every event in which education is a core subject is of interest to Worlddidac and if it’s coming from Finland, then it surely “a must” to experience! Worlddidac prides in cooperating with the best of the best and is interested in driving quality education forward.” says Danny Gauch the Director General of the Worlddidac Association.

Arctic Education Forum is perfect event for anyone interested in education to dive into the pedagogical matters of 21st century education, as well as getting to know the latest innovations and environment in the educational field.
#AEF2018 is the best occasion to explore the Finnish education system, learning environment, top-notch companies and the purest nature and snowy landscape in December 2018!

What is Worlddidac?

Worlddidac is “where education comes together” - the global trade association for the educational resources industry. They work equally with all education sectors, all countries and all relevant national associations to create international sales opportunities for their members.

Worlddidac is the only global association dedicated to the development of education worldwide and it serves to create value for all in education.

Worlddidac members are manufacturers of educational materials, dealers, distributors, international associations, governmental institutions, schools, universities and private entrepreneurs working in education business at all levels and in all fields.