Luovi Vocational College

Luovi Vocational College is the largest vocational special needs education and training (VET) provider in Finland. They provide vocational qualifications, preparatory training for initial VET (VALMA) and also for work and independent living (TELMA). Luovi is spread over 20 locations in Finland.

Luovi has a long experience in internationalisation of VET. They have around 700 staff members and they are part of the Organisation for Respiratory Health in Finland.

Luovi Global Education

Luovi Global Education offers services in special needs education for educational institutions, teachers and other staff working with special need students.

Their services cover counselling, guidance and consultancy as well as diverse training courses. Thir aim is to promote recognition of students’ need for support and to ensure that these are taken into account when planning and implementing studies.

Luovi Educational Visits

Luovi Educational Visits contain lectures, workshops, campus visits and job shadowing. Our services are tailor-made and co-created together with the client. The length of the services vary from one day training to long lasting consultation.

More information

You can find more information about Luovi’s services from Luovi Global Education brochure and on their webpages. Follow Luovi on Facebook and LinkedIn.