MoovKids Oy

MoovKids is an online movement program targeting early learners and special needs. The program offers a 20-lesson curriculum and a vast library of instructional videos with a comprehensive search feature with the highest value being in the videos which enable the educator to quickly grasp how to teach and implement the activity.

Each activity offers the option of two voice overs, one adult-directed and one child-directed. The program encompasses six different skills to ensure all round physical development. Each lesson provides six activities accompanied by comprehensive instructions and professional development.

Progress tracking and activity saving features enable educators to know exactly where they are when teaching the curriculum. Structured and own lesson plans are printable.

The goal of MoovKids is to foremost inspire educators to teach movement with confidence, ease and success and in doing so millions of children worldwide will achieve the physical coordination and self-confidence that will give them the head start they need to achieve personally, socially and academically.

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