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Yeseco manufactures Acoustic Panels for sound management in public & private places. These panels absorb the sound's reverberation (or echo) and thus help to reduce the problem of excessive noise due to echo.

Different kind of learning environments, offices, hotels, governmental buildings, hospitals, auditoriums & conference rooms are an example of the places that suffer from excessive noise problem that can be solved by using our panels.

The advantages of Yeseco panels

- They are made from our patented mix of Flax fiber/PET that is 100% ecological, 100% recyclable and 100% safe for indoor use.

- They can be designed according to the customer/interior designer request. Options include manufacturing any size, shape as well as printing any photo, covering it with our special fire-retardant & 100% recyclable fabric with or without photo.

- They have one of the best performance in the market with class A attenuation which means that less quantity is needed to reach the required acoustic.

Use excamples


At a daycare centre the noise level is easily raised high and everyone is further raising their voice in order to be heard. Oppila and Leikkilä can be hung above the playground, close where the noise is generated. Their installation does not need wall surfaces reserved for children’s works and drawings. With acoustic panels it is possible to make a “Fairy Tail Corner“, a less noisy area for reading and singing.


In the classrooms, the teacher´s voice must be heard well from the front row to the back row. Reflecting surfaces are important in reflecting the voice to the back row. The echo is removed by attenuating the rear wall of the classroom, the ceiling and wall boundary surfaces. The noise of the corridors can be easily reduced by acoustic clouds.

Company information

Sustainability is a driving factor for our business. We are Scandinavian Design and manufacturing company of ecological acoustic products since 2009. Our factory is located in Sastamala, Finland.

Our vision is to become global supplier of decorative acoustic products for kid’s play rooms, and a recognized supplier of Design acoustics.
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