Playgain Ltd.

PlayGain has emerging new science. We are using Artificial Intelligence for improving organizations’ management. Our solution is organization Digital Twin that simulate management behavior and business performance. Our tool is leader’s personal digital coach powered with AI. There is incremental effect on profit when every supervisor improves team performance. 

Our solution knows how organization makes more profit by people. It will teach this knowledge to every leader. Tool is based on rock-solid science, made by doctor Kesti from Lapland University.

PlayGain is a spin-off start-up from Dr. Kesti research. Company started at late 2015 and has been developing new generation learning solution for three ears. PlayGain mimimun viable product is Productive Leader simulation game that is made with PINO Network member Mekiwi Oy using Unity-3D. PlayGain is located at Oulu. We collaborate with Lapland University and Oulu University, where our solution is used at higher education studies.

TARGET MARKET(S): Companies, Universities and higher education