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Skhole is an e-learning company from Finland. The company gathers the best healthcare education in the world and lets you carry it around in your pocket. Through their e-learning service they make high-quality healthcare education equally accessible and affordable to everyone – whether they’re a community nurse working from the outbacks or a nursing student studying for their exams in an urban area.

Skhole Brings EaaS model to tackle the developing market needs

Skhole has the ambition to be Spotify for digital learning services – a service where single user can with a monthly fee utilize any digital training content whenever and where-ever they want to. Skhole is offering EaaS (Education-as-a-Service) based model to the students and learning institutions in the healthcare sector, which provides not only the learning environment but also tools and services for content curation as well as ready content.

Skhole learning environment has been developed jointly with learning institutions and pedagogic experts, and engaging large number of students and end users to provide systematic feedback. Skhole environment provides capabilities for video, audio and textbook based learning methods, and can be access through any device whether it is computed, tablet or a mobile phone. Skhole provides also extensive user-specific learning path development, supported by monitoring and analytics to follow the progress on the individual path. Tests can be individual or group activities.

Skhole platform is built on APIs and it provides easy integration to external systems, such as ERPs and student registry systems as well as payment system to support possible micropayments and operator billing for the training content. Skhole has fully open documented REST API available on Swagger. Utilization of AI is also currently being developed for intelligent content creation and automation.

TARGET MARKETS: English speaking countries

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