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Psyon Games combines science and games in a unique and creative way. Our design method explains complex topics of modern medicine in an easy and inspiring fashion, regardless of the player’s background. We create learning experiences for mobile devices with measurably superior engagement compared to traditional channels.

Antidote is our first production in the series of science entertainment games. Antidote offers a deep understanding of immunology. It engages the player to control the human body’s defence system against bacteria and viruses. Players will understand the role of white cells, stem cells, and vaccines in the fight against pneumonia, super bacteria and more in a gamified and memorable environment.

Antidote is 5 star rated in the Educational App Store. The game is suitable from 13+ ages. World famous Finnish education, we are KOKOA certified and Antidote is perfect for the classroom with TeacherGaming Desk. Read more about the Antidote game.

Antidote won the Applied Game of the Year Award 2018 by the Finnish game industry and was featured by The World Health Organization (WHO)

We are looking for to co-operation with global pharma companies & public and private health information programs .

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