Onnenlähettiläs - Happy Ambassador

Happy Ambassador concept for kids

Unique solutions for kids, combining mental and physical health.

FunLearning, indoors and outdoors activities. For healthy social-emotional development, activities through play, music, colors and sports.

Our mission is to bring for kids happiness, joy and courage to dream big. Passion is to connect with children all around the world throug fun learning activities

The Happy Ambassador is a ladybug boy. Ladybugs are most eco-friendly creatures in the world.

We understand how vital is to connect with our children through story telling and other enhanced tasks. Our company offers offers unique story telling over music, fun exercises and learning games keeping the kids happy while educating them creatively. Company speaks to hundreds of children at schools, events, locally and internationally.

The Happy Ambassador -concept
Consultation in UAE, Bulgaria, Finland
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Gabriel Kote

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