Buutti Oy

Our mission is to inspire more youth into the field of technology

We are an education and programming company that is dedicated to solve the problem of not having enough good software developers. We started to solve this problem by creating a network and education system that systematically encourages more youth to try out programming and electronics as a hobby. We offer young programmers and technology enthusiasts a-free-of-charge place to practice their skills and “coaches” to support them.

We have tested and developed these methods for the last 18 months, and we are now able to say that they work. We are looking for other locations where we can spread this knowledge and enthusiasm.

Are you a person or institution that wants to help to encourage more people to programming and robotics? We offer training in our methods through franchising, as well as access to all our previous data.

TARGET MARKET(S): Universities, public sector, other institutes that want to find more young tech stars

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