Finland Center of International Exchange Oy

FCIE is short for Finland Center of International Exchange Oy. Our service is to provide an international collaboration and communication platform which covers various of aspects such as education, culture, travelling and commercial.

Key facts:

  • FCIE Founded in 2013

  • Established in the Capital City of Northern Scandinavia - Oulu.

  • One of the founders is Matti Vanhanen (Former Finnish Prime Minister)

  • FCIE is international platform between China and Finland.

  • FCIE have high-level expert and consultants resources between China and Finland with cooperation experiences

Education Cooperation Project

  • Building education platform between China and Finland

  • Match-making of sister schools in all education levels

  • Building teacher training bases in Nordic area

  • Promotion the education activities of teachers and students

  • Holding international education conferences and seminars

  • Building Chinese-Finnish International schools in all education levels

  • Promoting the exchange of education research between Finland and

Values & Mission

  • Innovate & Create

  • Connect & Share

  • Train & Customize

  • WIN & WIN

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