Oulu Vocational College and OSAO Edu Oy

Oulu Vocational College and OSAO Edu Oy



Oulu Vocational College OSAO is a multidisciplinary vocational college, training competent professionals for the labour market. OSAO provides up-to-date education that is in line with the needs of work life. In terms of its appeal, the extent of its operations and results, OSAO is one of the leading vocational colleges in Finland. With 14 000 students and 920 staff members OSAO is the largest vocational college in Northern Finland.
OSAO Edu Oy provides on behalf of OSAO visit and training packages to individual professionals and groups, who are interested in Finnish vocational education and training. The themes are, for example, operational culture, school management, learning environments, entrepreneurship, English language, work life collaboration and teaching and learning methods.
OSAO Edu Oy offers also visit and training packages to student groups, who are interested in vocational education, English language and cultural exchanges in Northern Finland.

We can offer tailored visits and training in various fields:

Culture, Business and Administration, Social Services; Health and Sports, Technology,      Communication and Transport Sector, Tourism, Catering and Domestic Services, Natural Sciences

See OSAO web-pages: www.osao.fi

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/osaobook/

Contact Person: Mr. Antti Rovamo, CEO of OSAO Edu Oy: antti.rovamo@osao.fi 
+358 50 560 8392

Company address: Kiviharjuntie 6, 90220 Oulu

Languages: English and Finnish. Chinese/Japanese translators can be provided for an additional fee.  

Target groups:  Education and Industry Professionals, who are interested in Finnish vocational education and students.

Visits to Oulu Vocational College provided by OSAO Edu Oy

A.      Haukipudas unit

OSAO Haukipudas unit provides vocational education and training both for the young people coming from comprehensive school and adults, who want to have either new vocational qualification or develop their competence by doing further or special vocational qualifications.  The unit provides commercially tailor made vocational training for employers and private people, too. The fields in vocational education and training are:

-          Vehicle Technology

-          Construction including Earthworks and Treatment Technology

-          Electrical Engineering and Automation Technology

-          Catering and Restaurant Services

B.      Kaukovainio unit, Services

OSAO Services unit offers vocational education in Business and Administration, Information Technology, Tourism and Catering. We offer working life based education and training in Food Production, Confectionery, Cooking, Hotel and Restaurant Services, Tourism Services, IT Support Services, Programming, Customer Service and Sales and Finance and Office Services.  In Business and Administration we offer International IB Career-related program. This program is taught entirely in English

C.      Kaukovainio unit, Technology

OSAO Technology unit provides education in fields of Construction, HAVC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), Electricity, Metalwork and Machinery, Processing, ICT, Media, Chemistry, Restauration and Design (jewelry, furniture, handicrafts, clothes).

Construction studies are famous for building single-family homes for new areas in Oulu. The homes are made by students under the supervision and guidance of teachers. Once completed they are sold to general public.

Metalwork and Machinery education program is a forerunner in field of digitalization and automation. Students use robots and automation with machine vision, as well as 3D modelling, -simulation and -printing technologies in their studies.

D.      Kempele - Liminka unit

Kempele - Liminka unit is located in close proximity to Oulu. Security guards vocational qualification is organised in Liminka approximately 30 km from Oulu. Security guards` training has been certified according to ISO 14001.

Vocational education of Logistics, Gardening, Catering and Hotel and Restaurant Services is organised in Kempele which is located 15 km from Oulu. The unit has three modern learning kitchens, a number of training simulators, a fleet of lorries and other vehicles which are used in education under the supervision and guidance of teachers. Gardening tuition takes place in units own greenhouse and floral shop. Students are also fulfilling customers´ order.

E.       Kontinkangas unit

Kontinkangas Unit is the biggest and most versatile school in Northern Finland offering education in Social Services, Health and Sports. We also arrange preparatory Education for vocational training ‘valma’.

We offer training in following vocational qualifications Beauty Care, Hairdressing,

Pharmaceutics, Social and Health Care (Practical Nurses) and in Maintenance of Equipment.

We also offer Apprenticeship training, Labour market training, Management and Entrepreneurship training, Personnel training and short courses on above mentioned fields of study.

F.       Muhos unit

Muhos unit offers training for four different vocational qualifications

The unit has a modern car repair shop as a learning environment for Vehicle Technology students, a training kitchen for Catering students. In Agricultural training the unit has 120 ha of arable land, a cowshed with a milking robot and a pet attending house with a wide range of small animals.  In Forestry training, the unit has many logging machines and forestry tractors. There are also forest machine simulators to help in the training.

G.      Pudasjärvi unit

Pudasjärvi unit is located one hour´s  drive from Oulu and only 60 kilometres from the southernmost fell area Iso-Syöte in Finland. Pudasjärvi is well-known as a modern log city. The world’s biggest log factory Kontio is also located in Pudasjärvi.

We offer studies next to the pure nature, wilderness and snow. Pudasjärvi unit provides education in Business Administration, Tourism Services, Social and Health Care, Electricity and Wood Technology.  

Studies in Pudasjärvi unit are more than vocational training and education, you are gathering once in a lifetime experiences in the middle of Finnish nature.

H.      Taivalkoski unit

Taivalkoski Unit provides vocational education and training both for young people coming from comprehensive school and adults, who want to have either new vocational qualification or develop their competence by doing further or special vocational qualifications. The fields in vocational education and training are currently:

Vocational Qualification in Mining: Miner
Vocational Qualification In Forestry: Forest Machine Operation
Vocational Qualification In Social And Health Care, Practical Nurse
Vocational Qualification in Construction: Earthmover Operator

I.        Apprenticeship Training Unit

The main tasks of the Apprenticeship Training Unit is to co-ordinate the processes of apprenticeship training programs. In year 2017 the number of training contracts is about 1800 in every fields of working life. 

Apprenticeship contract includes practical training at the workplace in connection with ordinary work assignments, and theoretical studies at OSAO or some other institution. Every student has a work place combined with an individual study program. The employer is compensated for providing training, while the student gets a wage when working as an apprentice and a grant during the theoretical studies.

In year 2018 even more part of studies will be organized in working life. It means more studying and assessment in real working life situations.  In addition of apprenticeships there will be new training contract possibility for students.