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Code School Finland is the leading private company in Finland teaching programming to children (6 - 16 years) and adults in Finland. Our programming classes started in 2014 and our course contents have been approved by the Finnish National Agency for Education to match the objectives set by the criteria for programming in the Finnish national core curriculum for primary education. Our offering is based on advanced pedagogical approach and a wide content portfolio.

Every semester, Code School Finland teaches hundreds of students in our classes, camps and workshops in Oulu and Helsinki region. We operate in our own premises, school classrooms and play parks. In addition we run remote teaching classes internationally with the help of a state-of-the-art video presence system. We utilize our classroom course contents modified to suit different culture and markets.

Based on our wide class curriculum and international teaching experience we are in a position to easily customize our offering to match different cultures, groups needs, ages and schedules.

Our Teachers

Code School Finland has a pool of well educated and experienced teaching staff in all our locations. All teachers have long experience about running coding clubs and teaching classes for differently aged children and youngsters. Teachers are typically students pursuing their master’s degree in Computer Science or Education with personal interest and experience in programming or they are former IT professionals who are now utilizing their skills in teaching. All our teachers are fluent in English and many have international teaching experience.


All the courses focus on hands on work with teachers who have practical experience on the subject matter. Maximum group size is 20 persons, bigger groups are possible when booked well in advance. Minimum group size is 4.

All the courses can be tailored to fit the interests of the group as well as length of the workshop. Longer time allows more depth while shorter times work well as introductions to a subject matter.

Agenda examples

Introduction to game programming in a 3D environment

Intro to algorithmic thinking, practical exercises in visual programming environment.

Age groups: Minimum 8 years, suitable for any age group

Recommended length: one day, minimum 2 hours

Target: Creation of an own 3D game

Learning objectives: Basics of algorithmic thinking and basics of programming

Game/App programming.

Students get an introduction to tools and methods to make a game/app alongside with a set of ready made barebone games to choose from. Most of the game projects are for mobile devices, some use VR glasses. Example project: Pokémon Go style game where players find and capture Monsters using their GPS enabled mobile phones.

Age groups: Minimum 10 years, suitable for any age group

Recommended length: one and a half days, minimum 4 hours

Target: Creation of an advanced game

Learning objectives: Basics of algorithmic thinking, basics of programming, basics of game design, basics of mobile devices and hardware sensors

Robotics and Internet of Things.

Students get an introduction to tools needed to build and program robots with sensors and actuators. The sensors and actuators (robots) are connected to Internet to enable various service scenarios. Example project: small security robot that patrols an area, notifies owner when sees motion.

Age groups: Minimum 8 years, suitable for any age group

Recommended length: two days, minimum 4 hours

Target: Creation of an autonomous robot

Learning objectives: Basics of robotics, basics of programming, basics of IoT.

Metal/Rock/Pop/Jazz Music Band Camp.

Students are arranged to bands according to their existing skill level and music taste. Each band is assigned an experienced music teacher and a co-teacher. Every student receives also private lessons. Bands practice together cover songs to play on a final day concert. The final day concert will be outdoors in Finnish summer time (June-August), otherwise indoors. One of the teachers will be an established known artist from internationally famous bands (for example Sonata Arctica, Nightwish, Stratovarius). Each player and band receives videos from their show and personal feedback. 

Age groups: Minimum 10 years, suitable for any age group

Recommended length: six days, minimum three days

Target: Playing a set of cover songs with a band

Learning objectives: Improvement in own instrument, playing as a part of a band

Date for the next open camp: 23rd to 28th of July 2018. Camps can be set up any time if a minimum of 4 persons attend.



Tel. Jani Vallirinne +358 45 124 8795