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We are the leading company in Finland for children’s coding and robotics education.

We provide high-quality digital teaching materials that correspond with the Finnish national core curriculum and offer multidisciplinary projects that integrate with subject studies. Our educational services support developing teacher skills and cost-efficient implementation of coding&robotics curriculum based on Finnish pedagogy and educational system.

We also host workshops and camps for international student and teacher groups ranging from an afternoon to a week. Based on our vast material library we tailor programs to group's age, skills, objectives and available time.


We are the experts in providing high-quality teaching material and teacher training to support programming and robotics in primary education. With our solutions you can leverage benefits of Finnish education.

Are you thinking how coding and robotics should be incorporated into your curriculum? If you are looking for a high-quality model and practical ways to implement it, then look no further!

Utilizing the Code School Finland digital material library, you'll get access to ready-made learning modules for each primary grade level and modules for extra-curricular activities such as code clubs and camps. Each module contains detailed lesson plans, teacher's materials and exercise links to 3rd party free coding platforms. We also provide support for personalized learning paths and continuous evaluation of the learning.

If you have prior experience and skills in programming, you can start to utilize the material on your own. We also provide training to help you implement the curriculum for your students.

Workshops and Code camps

We organize workshops and camps with different coding and robotics subjects for groups on demand.

Workshops are organized on demand in Helsinki region or Oulu. We can also send our trainers to your camp location.

Our workshop and camp programs have been developed in Finland by Finnish teachers and programmers. The objectives aim at fulfilling the goals of the Finnish national core curriculum for primary education. The aim is to give participants tools, interest and pointers to continue their studies. The emphasis is strongly on being able to apply learnings in practice, in handiwork and creativity.

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