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Long time ago there was a little boy who didn't receive any gifts, he was alone and sad; but then Mrs Santa Claus came with lots of gifts, and of course she gave him a wonderful gift and now he is a happy young boy.

Mrs Santa Claus Finland comes from Northern Finland, and she loves berry and mushroom picking, nature trekking, photographing and skiing. Mrs Santa Claus writes blogs on different topics, like education, places, etc. She also visits schools on call.

You can order visual design and photos of Christmas and Nordic animals (e.g. reindeer, foxes, wolves, bears, birds, hares and moose) and printed cups with the picture of Nordic animals. She also produces authentic videos of her trekking to Northern Finland during eight seasons. Podcast production is also another feature of Mrs Santa Claus Finland.

Mrs Santa Claus Finland brand is ready to work with international investors and also invites interested entrepreneurs to Northern Finland to do business. As an educational background and a rising entrepreneur she visualizes opportunities in Northern Finland. Her primary target is to do marketing and finding especially small businesses in Finland for the tourists.

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