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SchoolNomadi - Learning By Gaming



Learning paths for the pupils in the nature and urban area. Something special for a schoolday?

SchoolNomadi is a tool for the teachers to create a true phenomenal learning classes. They can combine learning targets of two or more school subjects. Pupils are able to participate according to their interets: there are quizzes to be defined, audios and videos to be recorded, photos to be taken and paths to be ‘programmed’. Pupils may create working groups and they learn while creating the paths of the topic given, but also when gaming through their peer groups’ learning paths.

Try out for free, by signing in and starting the WebTuner's EasyPage. SchoolNomadi is available in Finland on SanomaPro and EduStore web stores, and in Sweden Skolon web store

School’s The Heart Of The Village

By creating the campus map of the school area for the indoors and outdoors, the school is able to improve the optimal use of the premises, security and sociality of the pupils and teachers alike. Also it is possible to create gaming paths for the breaks between the classes, during the events and evening activities for the community. With Citynomadi’s seamless indoor and outdoor positioning the school can make a campus map, that helps the everyday school work. 

The aim of the successful project was to increase the security feeling within the school community, to lessen the bullying, to make the school more like home, and to give the pupils an extra motivation for exercise. The trial was quite a success, During the first weeks the parents had done over 300 downloads, and the service will continue until the end of the semester 2017-18. The pupils already participated by making the technological indoor positioning and continue with content editing with audios, videos, fact and maybe also fiction. 

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