Santa Claus Academy Finland

Santa Claus Academy Finland – Camp school program in Oulu, Muhos, Pudasjärvi or Taivalkoski



Meet the Santa Claus and learn the Finnish lifestyle, natural and sustainable way of living, learning and doing in Oulu, Pudasjärvi or Taivalkoski!

Oulu Vocational College (OSAO) provides unique Finnish experiences in arctic nature. School Groups are welcome to learn traditional Finnish skills related to pure nature, wilderness, snow, berries & mushrooms and northern lights. All the activities are done in the cleanest air and nature in the world.

Camp school learners have the opportunity to get to know Finnish students and interact with them in school environment.

Santa Claus Academy consists of English language and academic lessons and activities of your choice. 

At the end of the program, Santa Claus will hand out the Official Santa Claus Academy Certificates to camp school learners.

Following activities are available to participants of Santa Claus academy. Please note that some activities are seasonal (winter/summer only).

Cross-country skiing 

Learn cross-country skiing with professional ski instructor. Skiing is a very traditional form of exercise and every child learns it at pre-school in Finland.

Downhill skiing

Learn downhill skiing with professional ski instructor.


Learn to snowshoe between snow-covered trees. You can go to places like never before by using your own body. Snowshoeing is good exercise for everyone.

Snow sculpturing

Make sculptures from snow cubes using  different kinds of tools. Let yourself be a real artist.

Fat biking

Fat bike in snowy conditions along nature trails. There are trails for winter and summer, this sport is wonderful way to see the landscape at any time of the year.

Spotting Northern Lights

Learn about Northern Lights and with a bit of luck see them shine across the sky while taking a walk in the wilderness.


Take a snowmobile ride in a sledge in the snow-covered landscape.  If it is a night time with clear a sky, we will stop the engines and watch the Northern Lights. 

Every man’s rights – lesson

Learn about everyman´s right and how Finns interact with nature

Wilderness skills

Learn how to make a campfire, cook food in the wilderness, ski, use snowshoes or kick sledges and learn basics of orienteering.

Dog sledge driving

Take a dog sledge safari with Husky dogs. You will get a change to interact with the animals and hear the Husky mama telling about the way of living in wilderness. We will also have a cup of coffee and a Finnish pastry by the campfire.

Indoor wall climbing

Learn indoor climbing with a  professional instructor. This sport is as exciting as you want, depending on how high you are willing to climb!

Log school visit

Visit the world’s biggest log school Pudasjärvi Log Campus, log church and the world’s biggest children’s day care center made of logs. This visit will give you a definite wow-effect and makes you want to stay in school.

Reindeer farm visit

Visit a real  Finnish Reindeer farm and learn the history of reindeer herding in traditional kota building with warm drinks and  snacks. You will the opportunity to feed the reindeers and have a short reindeer ride at the farm.  

Picking berries or herbs & bake a pie

Pick wild berries or herbs in fresh air. After berry picking session we will bake traditional Finnish pies and enjoy them with coffee or juice.


Learn how to fish or icefish and then try it yourself. Fishing is easy and natural way of having free, clean and healthy food.

Making a product from natural ingredients

Learn how to recognize plants, collect them and make a product (e.g. lipstick) by yourself. This will be the purest and most beloved product you will ever have!

Contact information

Mr Antti Rovamo
CEO of OSAO Edu Oy
+358 50 560 8392