Educational and Cultural Services, City of Oulu

Educational visits/EDUpacks

Education and Culture Services, City of Oulu offers EDUpacks as technical visits for school staff and education administrators. The provision contains packs at schools and at day care centres. 

The visits are mainly targeted to education administrators, supervisors/inspectors, researchers, head teachers, heads of day care units, teachers and other staff members at schools, day care units and education development centres and organisations.

The visitors to day care centres, schools and community centres in Oulu get to know some of the best practices of the local implementation of the Finnish core curricula. They can interact with local directors/principals, teachers, children and young people. A presentation on childcare and/or education is followed by a tour in the early education groups and/or school classes. The visitors can observe some of the daily activities during the tour, ie. the staff, children and young people in action! 


EDUpackJRs are short educational visits for children and young people. The EDUpackJRs can be organized partly at local schools but the main emphasis is in the cultural content.


EDUexperiences are ready-made programmes for 5-10 days for either young people or adults. The programmes always have a coherent thematic content and they are carried out with a hands-on approach to make a dive into Finnish culture and nature. Examples of EDUexperiences for young people are “Tailor-made English courses for groups of young people” and Luuppi Museum and Science Centre Camp School called “Inspired by Nature“.

For collaboration in development and consultancy in Oulu or abroad we can offer speakers, workshops and consultation on several topics, eg. transversal competences, inter-disciplinary teaching on learning, entrepreneurship  education, early-language learning, special needs education and practices of formative assessment. We are also experienced and specialized in Finnish-style curriculum design and implementation of it.

For more information visit City of Oulu Educational visits website.

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Ms Eija Ruohomäki
Senior Advisor for Education
Educational and Cultural Services, City of Oulu
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