Educational and Cultural Services, City of Oulu

Educational visits/EDUpacks

Education and Culture Services, City of Oulu offers EDUpacks as technical visits for school staff and education administrators. The provision contains packs at schools and at day care centres. 

The visits are mainly targeted to education administrators, supervisors/inspectors, researchers, head teachers, heads of day care units, teachers and other staff members at schools, day care units and education development centres and organisations.

The visitors to day care centres and schools in Oulu get to know some of the best practices of the local implementation of the Finnish core curricula. They can interact with local directors/principals, teachers, children and young people. A presentation on childcare and/or education is followed by a tour in the early education groups and/or school classes. The visitors can observe some of the daily activities during the tour, ie. the staff, children and young people in action! 

The aim of the EDUpack visits is to show some of the special features of the particular day care centres and schools in Oulu and to discuss them. The special features for each day care centre and school are described on our website. Have a look!

Oulu International School (OIS) is an IB (International Baccalaureate) world school owned by the City of Oulu. It is ”a Content and Language Integrated learning” school providing education mainly in English. This is the school where visitors may also attend lessons of variable subjects. In the upper grades they have an opportunity to observe the teaching of interdisciplinary units.

There is a trend towards designing multi-functional buildings that are centres for education, leisure and cultural activities. The concept is unique and we welcome visitors to find out more about it during a EDUpack visit.

City of Oulu also hosts a nature school. Timosenkoski nature school is the northernmost nature school of Finland. There is a wide selection of outdoor education activities in Nature school. It is used by all the primary schools of Oulu during different times of the year. During the visit there will be a presentation of the Nature school concept, the facility and hands-on research methods. Please note that there is a unique possibility to arrange a short session in a Lappish hut in the yard.

You are warmly welcome to visit us!